We’re a small agency, so we don’t have a 20-page work-life balance policy. But, what we do have is this paragraph and we hope you share our values:

Digital Strategy Works values our freelancers, contributors, clients and partners who seek harmony and balance in their work and life. We understand there are times projects need extra attention beyond generally accepted work hours between 9 am and 6 pm Monday – Friday. However, our goals are to make sure the professionals we work can enjoy family and outside activities. As time away from a project can inspire creativity and spawn new ideas. Many of our designers and developers do work evenings and weekends as they juggle multiple projects, but we also don’t want them burning out. What we do is highly complex and takes great thought, collaboration and communication. Therefore, our policy is to work with our clients to set realistic timelines and give those working on solutions an opportunity to reflect and experience personal growth. Success doesn’t just mean a project’s delivery was on time and under budget. It also means everyone on the team were treated with dignity and respect while collaborating to a positive outcome.

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