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Client: Cablevision Systems Corp. / MetroTV

As Senior Music Producer at MetroTV, DSW founder, Tony Zeoli, provided high level user experience and strategic content recommendations, as well as insights into the user experience of online music products in the development of Cablevision’s first-to-market VOD music channel.

TVDJ Main Screen

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Client: Cablevision Systems Corp/MetroTV

Developed site maps, wire frames and spec documentation for this companion site to MetroTV’s daily music television program, The Daily Beat.

The Daily Beat Home Page
Daily Beat Home Page


Created marketing literature to support business development efforts with major and independent record labels.


Client: Celebrations.com/DotBoxIdeas

Celebrations.com Site Map
Celebrations.com Site Map
Celebrations.com Site Map

Celebrations.com Site Map
Celebrations.com Site Map
Celebrations.com Home Page Wire Frame Above Fold
Celebrations.com Home Page Wireframe Above Fold
Celebrations.com Home Page Wire Frame Below the Fold
Celebrations.com Home Page Wire Frame Below The Fold

Celebrations.com Web Site Home Page
Celebrations.com Home Page

Solutions: Information Architecture; User Experience Design.

ThisGirl.com (2008)

Client: EpicRecords/DotBoxIdeas

Solutions: Information Architecture; User Experience Design.

Pepsi Universe (2008)

Client: Pepsi International / KTV Media

Managed site enhancement and content updates, adding to and improving the user experience for this global, Flash-based, Pepsi Football Web site.

Pepsi Football Home Page
Pepsi Football Home Page

Solutions: Product Management, Flash Development


Client: Zecurion, Zaah Technologies

Created site map and wireframes for Zecurion, a computer security company, which resulted in the successful launch of the companies corporate sales and e-commerce Web site.

Zecurion Wireframe
Zecurion wire frame: Home Page
Zecurion Final Home Page

Solutions: Information Architecture; User Experience Design


Client: Zaah Technologies

The ArtWeCan.com Web site was born out of an inspiration by contemporary urban artist, Phetus, to create art pieces inspired by Barack Obama’s campaign for President of the United States, with the intent to auction the pieces and donate the proceeds to the campaign.

ArtWeCan.com Home Page Screen Shot
ArtWeCan Home Page

Working directly with the artist to define the requirements, the site was put on fast track, rapid-prototype and was created within days. I developed the wire frames laying out the site’s user interface, worked with our graphics team on the site’s theme and implemented the site’s content strategy. Because of the rapid development required, the associated PDF does not contain descriptive notes. Using an agile process, I managed development through email, IM and Basecamp.

Solutions: Product Development, Information Architecture, Creative Direction, Marketing.


Client: Phetus, Zaah Technologies

Online shop and art gallery developed for Long Island, NY based urban graffiti artist, Phetus, creator of the Concrete Immortalz comic book and toy characters.

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Client: Online Photo Products, Inc.

Led creation of marketing literature for Digibug, an online photo services Web site and custom photo printing application. Managed creative direction and worked with marketing to define and describe Digibug’s product offering. The company’s Business Development department implemented the brochure-ware in their sales communications.

Digibug Marketing
Organizations & Teams: Side A

Digibug Marketing
Organizations & Teams: Side B

Digibug Marketing
Web Developer: Side A

Web Developer: Side B

Digibug Marketing
Photographer: Side A

Digibug Marketing
Photographer: Side B

Solutions: Product Marketing, Creative Direction


Client: Online Photo Products, Inc

Leading redevelopment of Digibug.com web site. Providing Information Architecture, User Experience strategy and creative direction to improve b2b communications with clients, vendors and enhance administration back-end (not shown).

Digibug Home Page
Digibug Redesign Comp


Client: Zaah Technologies, Zondervan

Axiom The Book
Axiom The Book Home Page

Solutions: Product Development; Information Architecture; Creative Direction; Graphic Design.