WordPress is an incredibly powerful content management system that will effectively run your web site and allow your team publish and manage content. Since its inception, WordPress has come a long way. The knock against WordPress, was that it was just for blogging. That was yesterday.

Today, WordPress is not just a blogging tool. Out-of-the-box, WordPress is a full-featured content management system with powerful supporting plug-ins that will drive your online destination and wow your site’s visitors. Its strong SEO features and the ability to customize your web site they way you want it to look, puts WordPress on par with other popular CMS solutions like Joomla and Drupal. With WordPress, you can move modules on a page, showcase posts to categories, add podcasts and video, and even move your blog from the home page to an inside page, so that all your home page content stays static, but your blog is still part of your web site.

WordPress integrates nicely with Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Amazon Associates, Kaltura, OS Commerce, WP-eCommerce, GetClicky and other popular advertising, affiliate and e-commerce tools. WordPress also has a powerful media management engine that can handle audio, video and images for all your posts and pages.

WordPress Development

Our experienced WordPress team will install, theme and customize an experience that suits your project needs, budget and time line. Contact us for a quote.

WordPress Training

Businesses are deploying WordPress everyday, but may be unsure of how to customize WordPress or use its full feature set. DSW will provide WordPress training for your business and empower you with solutions to maximize your WordPress enabled web site or blog.

Get Started With WordPress

Get started with WordPress! DSW founder, Anthony Zeoli, provides affordable one-on-one or group WordPress training.

WordPress Support

DSW supports WordPress. Our WordPress experience will help you keep your WordPress installation running smoothly. Whether you need a quick fix or long term solutions, contact us today.