All digital products and platforms start out as back-of-the-napkin sketches, morning conversations over coffee, or connections sparked through Meet Ups. But taking an idea from concept to reality requires in depth understanding of the architecture of web and mobile systems, as well as the process to define the product and then…actually build it.

From getting the business requirements generated to commissioning mockups based on wireframes and managing scrum/agile sprints, Digital Strategy Works is at the forefront of the planning, information architecture, user experience design, and web development of complex websites and web applications in WordPress and other modern web technologies.

Throughout our history, we’ve supported entrepreneurial and innovative ideas. Here are just a few:

  • Contributed to the planning and development of first music video application for the digital-set-top box.
  • Created and launched innovative streaming music platform.
  • Planned and managed development of a social network bringing together fans of a New York City entertainment program.
  • Planned and built neighborhood social network allowing neighbors to register by zip code or address.
  • Planned and developed buy-what-you-see in music video contextual commerce platform.
  • Planned and developed platform for sales people to engage in social selling.
  • Planned and managed design and development platform for an International Education company to sell products, book speakers, and do trainings.
  • Planned and managed development music platform for artists to participate in network marketing concepts.
  • Planned and managed development of a network of property sites for a NY-based real property management software company.
  • And more…

The value of working with Digital Strategy Works is in the application of our over three decades of product development and project management experience applied to your software development projects. From conceptualization and information architecture to user experience design and web development,  our extensive experience will help you navigate developing your idea on the platform or technologies you choose, which will can save time and allow for shifting financial resources to other areas.

Many our clients find working with us inspires creativity and ultimately saves them time and money by applying our valuable insights built over three decades to their ideation and execution strategies. Everyday, we’re communicating value to our clients through our process on how to avoid obstacles and overcome challenges.

We’re happy to listen and learn about your project. Contact us today to learn more about our product innovation process.