Interactive products for web, mobile or social drive our digital universe, but building them requires intense focus, vision and planning. There is a constant feedback loop between the product owner (the person or people who wants to build the product) and the product team (the architects, designers, developers and project and/or product managers hired to build the product). Digital Strategy Works sits at the intersection of this process. We listen to the product owner’s vision and then provide feedback through extensive research & development, market analysis and feasibility studies to assess a product’s viability based on competitors and opportunity.

A core component in our suite of services is the planning and execution of the vision and strategy to one or a combination of platforms. We understand the connective tissue between web, mobile and social and work with marketing, social media, customer support, creatives, developers and system administrators among other digital media professionals to ensure the product vision and strategy is sustainable.

Our product development philosophy follows the agile Scrum project management and product development methodologies practiced by many enterprise corporations and costly digital agencies. We assess what is achievable and ensure that the project scope is delivered.

We make product development part of every project we deliver, but we also offer our product development services to other teams and organizations with a need to fill this role.

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