At times, jumping right into the rapid prototyping and development of your project is advantageous, but the proper planning and execution typically saves time and money. We’ve seen when others burn valuable hours in the development phase by changing course mid-project. They may have seen something that a competitor is building or are inspired by outside forces once a product is under development. Implementing a viable yet flexible roadmap gives our clients a full understanding of the project scope and the key to building an exceptional product.

Our experience has shown prototyping projects in the early stages create a visual understanding of the user experience that is critical to a project’s success. We engage with our clients in a brief discovery process to generate inspiration boards so that our designers may kick off the visual design process and return mockups for review and approval. Our information architect creates personas and user stories to get a full picture of the audience and their needs, while also returning functional wireframes or working prototypes for our clients to walkthrough the project before one line of code is written.

While we employ IA/UxD best practices in the development of our client’s web, social and mobile projects, we also are hired to work on projects for our parters as well.

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