There is no question that our world has been transformed by digital technologies and the information age. First, there was the advent of the World Wide Web and web browsers like Netscape and Internet Explore. We commonly refer to this period as Web 1.0 and while there was some online interactivity in chat rooms and newsgroups, we built flat HTML websites and broadcast audio and video using proprietary technologies like Real Player or Windows Media. Through this medium, marketers employed banner ad networks to spread and measure their effectiveness of static (and soon to be interactive) advertisements by the cumulative total of hits to a web page.

As Web 2.0 took hold over the last ten years, we saw interactive technologies like Adobe Flash and Java used to create rich media and immersive experiences. With the advent of  the Google’s search engine, the way we search for and discover information rapidly changed. New terms were coined like  search engine marketing and search engine optimization. As Google’s search algorithm became the gold standard, marketers were forced to consider optimizing their web pages for search to the betterment of structured data, but they were also challenged to increase page rank and hoped their web pages would be relevant enough appear at the top of a Google search query. The advent of cascading style sheets (CSS) helped designers and developers manage large, complex website by writing global styles to change, for example, a font choice across hundreds of pages, instead of having to change each page individually.

Web 2.0 also brought social media into the equation and shifted the conversation from one-way advertising messages to two-way conversations through Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media services, online customer support networks like GetSatisfaction and Zen Desk or the feedback loop of a Tumblr or WordPress comment. A Klout score – yes, how much clout your online voice has generated – is now a measure of your social influence. Sprout Social and Radian6 are part of the new generation of software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools that provide companies with the ability to measure social reach and respond to user voices in real time. Planning a viral YouTube video is just as important as an ad on TV and Facebook’s Promoted Posts allow marketers to deliver reach and frequency inside Facebook in the same way we purchased Google Ad Word campaigns to reach customers on websites in the past. Consumer review sites like Yelp, UrbanSpoon and Trip Advisor disrupted the service industry by providing a layer of transparency, while daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social help businesses find new customers through coupons.

Today, the components that make up Web 2.0 are still with us, but access to the Internet is shifting to what is being called the mobile web. Many Web 2.0 companies are now expected to be mobile. Whether that’s a responsive web site – a website that resizes itself based on the screen size of the viewing device – or a mobile application that either recreates the features of a web site or is completely independent and has no companion site for its users, many companies expected to be web + mobile + social. From posting photos with Instagram to learning about road hazards and speed traps using Waze, we are constantly connected to web, mobile and social tools that advise, inform and connect us to information we need and to each other.

Understanding and then planning how all of these tools will work together to market your business or project can be challenging.

With over 20+ years of experience and leadership managing the development of digital solutions for start-ups, non-profits and corporations, Digital Strategy Works can help your organization plan effective cross-platform campaigns combining web, mobile and social media. Through a methodical discovery process, we fully engage with our clients to listen to their needs, understand their audience, develop requirements and offer solutions. Once deployed, we will work to optimize sustainable digital ecosystems that drive user adoption and audience engagement by analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) and refining as we go.  As digital strategy consultants, we understand both the how and the why a comprehensive digital strategy is necessary to be successful in today’s digital economy. From brands and bands to business and non-profit organizations, Digital Strategy Works provides the most critical layer of expertise to support your one-time or long-term goals.

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