Settings - Publishing The new version of Blogger now supports using a custom domain for serving your blog. If you already own a domain named, say, and want your blog to be served at that address instead of at a address, we can host your blog on that domain for you — for free. Your old Blog*Spot address will forward to your new custom domain, so the switch will be seamless for your readers.

Of course, FTP publishing is still available if you'd like to do your own hosting, but using a custom domain gives you a ton of advantages:
  • Simpler to set up. You don’t have to muck around with FTP paths and file names.
  • Fast publishing. There’s no waiting for files to upload to a hosting provider.
  • Drag-and-drop template editing. You can use the new Blogger’s new template features.
  • Access control. If you'd like, only let people you choose read your blog.
Using Blogger's custom domains is a simple way to start serving your blog on your own domain without having to deal with the hassle of transferring the files to a separate web host.