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Habitat Music is a breeding ground for fresh ideas and inspiration.

Based in New York City, we are a studio space and collective of experienced composers dedicated to the art of scoring music to picture.

Led by industry professionals from a variety of recording backgrounds and crossing multiple genres, Habitat is home to innovative and artistic advertising campaigns, TV shows, film, gaming, and interactive projects. We call ourselves Habitat because we are a community-oriented (and environmentally-conscious) studio where artists and musicians are encouraged to collaborate and grow in a mutually beneficial way.

What separates Habitat from other music houses is our emphasis on developing an artistic and unique musical vision for clients – creating music that would be at home on record as well as your project. As such, all the composers at Habitat are experienced composers as well as recording artists. Working as a team promises us and our clients more diverse ideas in a shorter amount of time giving Habitat a measurable advantage over most other production studios.

We invite you to join us at one of our monthly mixers to get a closer look at what we do and who we are. The mixers will often feature Habitat DJs and artists and a variety of industry professionals sharing about their projects and their craft.

Habitat Music is about creating a culture and environment of collaboration in an industry known for its rigid hierarchy. Our goal is to create great music – plain and simple.

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