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Digital Strategy Works launches and social media strategy

Digital Strategy Works, an Asheville web design and web development company building websites for our clients exclusively on the open source WordPress content management system, is pleased to announce the launch of legendary house music DJ, Tony Humphries website and social media strategy. We worked with Tony’s U.S. booking agent, Kelly Cooke of KC Management to plan, develop, and launch Tony’s new website located at the URL: (screenshot below).

We also worked to developed a comprehensive SEO and Social Media strategy, which included installing and configuring All In One SEO Pro, the best WordPress SEO plugin. All In One now comes with a Social Meta panel that allows the site admin to manage what images or text Facebook’s Open Graph protocol pulls from the home page or any post or page. In addition to WordPress stats, we also connected Tony’s site to Google Analytics and linked the site map generated by All In One SEO to Google Webmaster Tools. Of course, we set up Tony on Google Business Apps with hosted “” email

Given all the changes to Facebook over the years to move musicians and bands from personal profiles into Business Pages, Tony’s Facebook world was awash in duplicate personal profiles and managed business pages. We worked directly with our colleagues at Facebook Music to collapse Tony’s Facebook presence in one “verified” Musician/Band page: And, in doing so, we were able to merge Likes from various Pages into the primary page, while also collapsing two personal profiles into one, and moving Followers to Likes on the new primary Musician/Band page (screenshot below)

Screenshot of DJ Tony Humphries Official Verified Facebook Page
Tony Humphries Official Verified Facebook Page

Tony’s visibility on Twitter was low, so we worked to build Follows and bring that presence (@tonyhumphries) in line with his Facebook persona. We also learned that someone registered a Tony Humphries profile on MixCloud. We worked directly with MixCloud to ensure that Tony could control that profile. His new, official MixCloud profile is now:

Screenshot of Dj Tony Humphries Mixcloud Profile Page
Tony Humphries Mixcloud Profile Page

To ensure that domain squatters wouldn’t sit on his domain in the UK and Italy, we registered domains in those territories and additional domains here in the USA, then redirected all to his primary website address.

Powered by WordPress, the most open source content management system, the website is connected to through JetPack, which includes options for social sharing and other important tools . We selected WP Engine, one of the top WordPress managed hosting services, to host the website and take advantage of native caching, as well as benefit from their complete staging and production management system and daily snapshot backups.

In addition, we submitted a Wikipedia entry on Tony’s behalf currently being as a draft. For those interested in contributing to Tony’s Wikiepedia entry, please follow this link.

We are proud to have worked on this project with Tony and Kelly, as music and DJ culture has been a focus of DSW founder, Tony Zeoli’s life for over three decades. To assist a legend work out his online presence has been a gift and we are grateful. We hope the new continues to educate new DJs and dance music performers worldwide on the power and gospel of house music through the eyes and ears of Tony Humphries.

Are you a DJ, musician, or band looking to build a WordPress website? Do you have a need to develop a sound social media strategy? If so, Digital Strategy Works can help. Contact us today for a free, 1-hour consultation over the phone or by Google Hangout or Skype.

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