Client: Online Photo Products, Inc.

Led creation of marketing literature for Digibug, an online photo services Web site and custom photo printing application. Managed creative direction and worked with marketing to define and describe Digibug’s product offering. The company’s Business Development department implemented the brochure-ware in their sales communications.

Digibug Marketing
Organizations & Teams: Side A

Digibug Marketing
Organizations & Teams: Side B

Digibug Marketing
Web Developer: Side A

Web Developer: Side B

Digibug Marketing
Photographer: Side A

Digibug Marketing
Photographer: Side B

Solutions: Product Marketing, Creative Direction

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Tony Zeoli founded Digital Strategy Works to provide small and medium size businesses with end-to-end digital strategy consulting. With over 16+ year of experience working on digital media projects for start-ups, non-profits, institutions, and corporations, Zeoli brings a wealth of experience that cuts across the digital media spectrum.

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