Clearly Better Days CBD Oil Ecommerce Homepage Screenshot
Clearly Better Days CBD Oil Ecommerce Homepage

Clearly Better Days CBD Oil Ecommerce Site Enhancements

Clearly Better Days, a CBD oil company based in the New England area with CBD products for people and pets sold both in physical retail locations and online with WooCommerce (an e-commerce plugin for WordPress) are in a growth phase. The company needed to make immediate functional changes to their website for a variety of business and compliance reasons.

From website accessibility for customers with visual impairments to cookie acceptance and adherence to the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation that covers European citizens globally, Digital Strategy Works installed and configured plugins to ensure Clearly Better Days are compliant with both the American Disabilities Act and European Law, while also activating a new payment gateway servicer from Fortress Payments and NMI. Fortress Payments provides merchant services solutions to small businesses seeking to take payments online for CDB products.

WordPress Website Accessibility

Clearly Better Days CDB Oil Website Accessibility
Accessibility functions are now enabled on the Clearly Better Days website.

Digital Strategy Works installed and configured User Way’s free accessibility widget, which helps website owners comply with Section 508 of the Department of Justice’s ADA (American with Disabilities Act) Standards for Accessible Design and addresses the need for the elderly or those with physical, visual, mobility, or situational impairments to be able to access and shop the Clearly Bettery Days website.

WooCommerce Retail Locations Finder

Clearly Better Days Retail Locations Finder
Google Maps enabled Pins with Location data.

Clearly Better Days are both an online and brick-and-mortar retailer through a number of retail locations throughout the New England area. We added a Retail Locations page with a map view and a list view (not shown) of all retail locations that carry Clearly Better Days products. Customers can click on a location and view the store name and address on an embedded, mobile responsive Google Map.

WooCommerce Product & Batch Number Search

Clearly Better Days Autocomplete Product Search for WooCommerce
Sidebar search box with autocomplete and add to cart feature.

On the website’s Shop page, Customers can now use the search box with advanced functionality. The autocomplete function searches for the product as you type and it returns the product image, title, and allows you to add-to-cart directly in the search result. Customers who purchased products offline can search for COA’s by Batch Number, now located on the product sales page.

Product COAs

Clearly Better Days Website now has COAs as downloadable docs on CBD product page
COA’s attached to a Product Sales Page

Customers who purchase CBD products at retail scan a QR code on the product’s label, which is hyperlinked to a corresponding WooCommerce Product Page complete with the COA download attachment.

WooCommerce Sidebar Filter by Category & Price

Clearly Better Days CBD website product and category filter and search
Sidebar displays product categories and the number of products in a category, as well as filter by price option.

Sidebar displays product categories and the number of products in a category, as well as filter by price option.
We added a sidebar to filter products by search, category, and price. The customer can use any option to filter the Product grid in WooCommerce.

Data Privacy & GDPR Compliance for WordPress & WooCommerce

Clearly Better Days GDPR Compliance Acceptance Button
Clearly Better Days GDPR Compliance Acceptance Button


Clearly Better Days WooCommerce Data Privacy Acceptance at Checkout
WooCommerce Data privacy policy acceptance at checkout.

We added a sitewide cookie acceptance banner so Clearly Better Days would be in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a Europen law that applies to EU citizens globally. U.S. website owners must comply with this regulation because European citizens living in the US or abroad can purchase products from any stateside website, so the site should comply with EU privacy laws for that reason. We also added a data privacy acceptance selection at Checkout to ask customers to confirm the customer agrees with the company’s privacy policy.

WooCommerce Age Check Verification

Many states require CBD products are sold to customers over the age of 18. We implemented an age check verification at checkout to verify the customer is over the age of 18.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing

Clearly Better Days implements WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing
WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin Pricing Screen

Clearly Better Days wholesale customers with approved login access can view wholesale pricing and order from the same website as retail customers. We are working to make additional visual improvements and helping Clearly Better Days with an SEO and Digital Marketing strategy. But for now, we were so excited about this project, we wanted to share it with you!

If you or someone you know is setting up an online CBD oil Ecommerce business, please let them know how we helped Clearly Better Days ensure they were in compliance with regulations, implemented a new vendor for secure payment processing to take online orders in WooCommerce, and other improvements to grow their online business.

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