Client: Online Photo Products, Inc

Leading redevelopment of Digibug.com web site. Providing Information Architecture, User Experience strategy and creative direction to improve b2b communications with clients, vendors and enhance administration back-end (not shown).

Digibug Home Page
Digibug Redesign Comp


Client: Zaah Technologies, Zondervan

Lead redevelopment of BibleExperience.com, a promotional web site providing marketing support for the Bible Experience suite of products.

Description: “The Bible Experience brings together over 400 of today’s biggest celebrities and religious leaders to deliver the Word of God like never before. Featuring world-class Hollywood music and sound design, The Bible Experience is a fully dramatized reading of both the Old and New Testaments. And with mp3 plus text capability, you can read along as you listen, for the full Experience.”

Streaming format with play list creation tool, social sharing and reading plans will be available online on August 15, 2009.

Bible Experience Home Wire Frame
Bible Experience Home Comp

Solutions: Product Development; Information Architecture; Creative Direction; Graphic Design.


Client: Zaah Technologies, WhatsWear Media (now Vevant.com)

Lead product development, information architecture and creative direction for this fashion portal with social, shopping, and online portfolio creation features.

WhatsWear.com Home Page Wire Frame
WhatsWear.com Home Page Wire Frame
WhatsWear.com Home Page
WhatsWear.com Home Page Mockup

Solutions: Product Development; Information Architecture; Creative Direction; Graphic Design.



Client: Fiona Bloom

Music marketing and artist management agency, The Bloom Effect needed professional support for the organization’s WordPress-enabled, Bloom Blog. Digital Strategy Works provided WordPress training and CMS configuration, including plug-in installation and custom theme development to fix legacy issues, install Google Adsense scripts and perform SEO optimization.

The Bloom Effect Home Page
The Bloom Effect Home Page

When the Bloom Blog was targeted by a hacker resulting in the site identified by Google as hosting malicious programs, Digital Strategy Works performed a WordPress security sweep, upgraded the system to the latest version and removed all unknown registered users. DSW installed recommended plug-ins to perform regular security scans, database backup operations and other important functions. DSW then directed The Bloom Effect on how to register the site with Google’s Webmaster Tools and request to remove the site from its blacklist.

Solutions: WordPress maintenance and security enhancements; search engine optimization; Google Adsense installation; advising/consulting and ongoing maintenance.


Client: Melibee Global

Melibee Global is an international education consulting organization. Founder, Missy Gluckmann, was seeking a way to engage the professional international education community from an editorial perspective. Digital Strategy Works provided a WordPress-enabled solution to allow Missy to publish news and information to her target audience.

Melibee Global Home Page

Solutions: WordPress CMS and free theme installation; custom theme configuration; plug-in management; search engine optimization; ongoing maintenance and digital strategy.



Client: National Museum of Hip-Hop

Digital Strategy Works provides digital strategy, online marketing, web development and content production services to the organizers of the nation’s first museum dedicated to Hip-Hop. The National Museum of Hip-Hop web site (https://www.hiphopmuseum.org) will launch in Q1 2010.

National Museum of Hip-Hop Home Page
National Museum of Hip-Hop Comp Design

Solutions: Product Development, Information Architecture, WordPress CMS install and ongoing maintenance, custom graphic design, custom WordPress theme development, SEO and analytics, video, subscription services, email marketing.